‘Sudo-SMASH’ | Lite Brown Proter Experiment

This is a tasty little experiment I tried for the sake of using up some old hops.  I get a little annoyed by so many people always saying they hate dark beers and most never giving them a try.  This beer is a black beer in color but very light in body and alcohol.  My hopes are to slowly start to bring the non-dark beer drinkers into the dark side.  Since this first run is a trial experiment, there will ultimately be more revisions until I get what I’m looking for but the initial first run turned out pretty good even though the hops were pretty weak.  More versions and tasting notes to follow…

5 lbs. LDME

1 lb. Choc. Malt (boiled only)

1 oz. EKG [(60min) 2.81AA’s]

2 oz. Willamette [(60min) 2.81AA’s]

WL #1098

OG = 1.022 | FG = 1.013 | ABV = 1.2

Like I said, this is an experiment to make a dark ‘lite’ beer and is a work in progress…


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