Sudo – SMaSH Tasting

This past Friday I was able to make it back to my brewery to not only try the last two beers I brewed but to also brew a new IPA I had just finalized(1st version).  As talked about in the previous two posts, I was making some experiments with some old hops that we let go unused for too long.  The Sudo-SMaSH Lite Brown Porter was the second of the two and I was trying for a lighter bodied and lower alcohol beer but with a nice black color and deep chocolate taste.  When I did my tasting of this I was very surprised with how great the taste was.  This beer had no off flavors to it but did have a huge chocolate flavor with a fairly light body and mouth feel.  The body was a little bit more pronounced in the final product than when I tasted it before the fermentation process but still in a lighter feel for the non-dark beer drinker.  The hop bitterness and flavor/aroma was minimal but could be noticed.  I am really looking forward to trying this batch again with fresh hops and playing around with different levels of IBU’s and flavoring/aroma.  Keep checking in to all4brew for more updates on this Sudo-SMaSH for different versions.


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