Mini Kegerator Refrigerator & Draft Beer Dispenser – EdgeStar


This may be one of the coolest products I have seen in the beer world in a long time. Not necessarily for the home brewer(although one could find a way to reuse the mini kegs or purchase some mini kegs to use this), but if you are the person that loves Heineken or New Castle or any of the other beer companies that sell beer in the 5L kegs, you will want this amazing piece of innovation. I personally love the idea of mini 5L kegs but I never liked the fact that there was not an ideal way to keep them chilled. When I came across the mini keg coolers, I started to purchase these innovative kegs more often.
These mini kegerator’s fit perfectly on the counter top in your kitchen and blend in perfectly next to any other appliance. I keep mine next to my Keurig since they are my two favorite drink machines. You will no doubt fall in love with this addition to your beer equipment.

  • AC and DC compatible with DC adapter cord included for easy portability
  • Temperature Range: 38-54 degrees F; Cleaning kit included; Capacity: 1 standard 5L mini keg;
  • Accepts Heineken 5 liter Draughtkegs but will work with non-pressurized kegs with optional accessory kit (purchase TBC50SKIT instead)
  • Vibration-free Peltier thermoelectric cooling; Internal fan-forced air circulation
  • Perfect for any type of beer lover, this mini kegerator will be a hit with your friends and family!

Product Description

The EdgeStar 5-Liter Mini Kegerator (model: TBC50S) is an advanced beer dispensing system that uses DraughtKegTM carbonation pressure technology to deliver a pub-quality pour of beer every time. In addition to being the perfect complement to the Heineken DraughtKeg, the TBC50S mini kegerator can easily be modified to tap and serve any (non-Heineken) standard size 5-liter keg using the optional CO2 accessory kit. The TBC50S mini kegerator features electronic temperature controls that preserve the mini keg at your preferred temperature for drinking. And the compact size, lightweight construction and included AC & DC power adapters enable the EdgeStar TBC50S to readily go from the home counter-top to a tailgate party or RV application-perfect for the active beer connoisseur. Key Features Include: # Quietly and efficiently maintains optimum mini keg temperature # Metallic silver cabinet with window for displaying favorite brand of mini keg # Interior blue LED lighting with on/off switch showcases mini keg without raising beer temperature # Chrome faucet and design accents # AC / DC compatible with both adapters included # Easy upgrade kit available to fit any brand of mini kegs.



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