Is there a LACK in the east coast homebrewing scene and homebrew clubs?

Craft beer and homebrewing have been on the rise for many years and the US has seen a massive growth in both segments of the beer culture. The country is seeing positive growth that has in some instances doubled every year from each previous in both breweries and homebrewing but, It somewhat tends more towards the West coast and mid west states were the largest growth is happening.

Now, I know that there are a whole lot of homebrewers and craft and micro breweries throughout the eastern states and especially in the New England states but, I think the question I’m trying to find answers to is how involved are homebrewers in the eastern states, especially in Pennsylvania?

Craft beer is everywhere around here and I couldn’t be more happy. Almost every bar, pub, or tavern in Pennsylvania has at least one good quality craft beer on tap and, most of your distributors are carrying a decent selection of microbrewery and craft brewery selections. My local grocery store just opened up a cafe and now sells beer on site and I’d say over 90% of the beer they sell is craft beer. So yes, it goes without saying that the craft beer revolution is not behind the time on the east coast and we have plenty to chose from.

My biggest issue is I would like to see more people in the communities getting together in a fun learning environment and talking beer, making beer, and sampling homebrews. When I look at the west coast and the mid west, I always hear about these different conferences and competitions and festivals. I know that we do occasionally get some on the east from the likes of the NHC, AHA, CBC and others; as well as, lots of local festivals and competitions but I feel like we are lacking in this compared to other parts of the country. I guess this really comes down to the people themselves and how into homebrewing they are.

Since I am a big home brewer and in the process of planning stages for opening a brew pub in the the central PA area, I thought it would be a great idea to get a good home brew club opened and operating. I want this club to be a place were anyone can come to learn and have fun making craft beer. Any ability level is welcome to participate and voice their opinions on what we should do as a club. I vision is to have this be anyone’s club…even if they are not close to it and able to come to meetings. Nobody should be left out of the ability to enter great home brews into competition due to lack of a club. Follow my blog here at all4brew! for updates on the club formation and other information.

Also-to, please let me know if your in any homebrew club and what all your opinions are on the whole east coast homebrewing scene. I love this culture and hobby and craft and I would love to see it increase exponentially like the west.


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