State College Brew Expo!!!T – 9 days and counting til the 17th annual Brew Expo.  The seminar list is finally posted and looking forward to whats in store.


18 new breweries Added to the lineup…

ABC: Appalachian Brewing Company
Magic Hat
DuClaw(hope they bring the awesome “Sweet Baby Jesus”
Neshaminy Creek
Saucony Creek
Sixpoint Brewery
Union Barrel Works
Goose Island
Wyndrige Farm
Deschutes Brewery
Ithaca Beer Co
Flying Fish Brewing Co
East End Brewing Co


6:00 PM – The State College Homebrew Club will present an overview of the homebrewing process. From bargain basement to totally geeked out there is the perfect level for everyone to make their own beer. And the best part of homebrewing is that you can brew the perfect beer for you!

7:00 PM – Ben Novak – In 1984, only five years after the legalization of homebrewing, the editor of Central Pennsylvania’s Centre Daily Times approached local lawyer Dr. Ben Novak about writing a bi-weekly beer column for the paper. Collected together and available for the first time since their original publication, ‘The Birth of the Craft Brew Revolution’ presents those newspaper columns, the very first of their kind in the United States. They harken back to a time when only a small subculture of people in America had discovered the endless, delicious possibilities of good beer.

Seeking to introduce his readers to the wondrous variety of the burgeoning “Big Bang” in craft brewing, Novak wrote not only about the many different styles of beer, but also about the people who brewed it. Although the subject is beer, his material has aged more like a fine wine, with most stories and beer reviews still surprisingly relevant today. The book can be enjoyed both as a historical text preserving the memory of a time when the craft brew revolution was in its infancy as well as a fun primer on the art of making and enjoying craft beer.

In his seminar, Dr. Novak will discuss the joys and challenges of writing seriously about beer during a very different time, from the process of finding inspiration and confronting misconceptions to the challenge of preaching deeper appreciation in a college town environment, where quantity often wins out over quality.


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