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This is the most exciting thing I have seen in the world of homebrewing in a few years.  I see this leveling the playing field to producing excellent quality beers; as well as, finally giving brewers the ability to easily make High quality lagers, something that has been a lacking over the years due to its temperature requirements.  The face that this works with most all homebrewing fermenters on the market make it viable for the beginner using a bucket or a more experienced brewer using a conical or glass carboy.

Be sure to click over to the Brewjacket site to find out more information on this amazing and innovated product for the homebrewer, craft brewer, wine maker, or craft distiller; and, be sure to place your Pre-Order Your Brewjacket Today!

How it Works:

Solid State Cooling

At the heart of Immersion is a patent pending solid state cooling system. Solid state cooling technology relies on dissimilar metals joined in circuit within a microchip. When an electrical current is passed through the metals, heat is moved. The result is an instantaneous transfer of an enormous amount of heat.

Immersion works by creating a heat vacuum within your fermenting beer. The solid state cooling engine pulls heat out of the beer, through the hard anodized transfer rod, through the cooling chip, then up to the heat sink where it is fanned off into the ambient environment. No compressors, no glycol, no pumps.


BrewJacket Immersion front

Ridiculously Easy to Use

The user interface features just two buttons and two screens. Button up increases the set temperature, button down decreases the set temperature. The two screens give you real time readouts of what the current temperature is within your beer, as well as the temperature that you have set.

Removable Rod

Immersion’s rod unscrews to make it the most compact liquid cooler available today.

Cleaning and sanitation is a snap with Immersion. The heat transfer rod is removable for exceptionally easy cleaning and sanitizing. Just drop the rod into your fermenter full of iodine-based sanitizing solution for a few minutes and let it dry.

After fermentation is complete, just use soap and hot water with a kitchen sponge and let it air dry. For deep cleans, a weak solution of powdered brewery wash (PBW) is recommended.

Custom Designs

BrewJacket Immersion and Immersion Pro are built with the sole purpose of creating world class beer. From the anodized transfer rod to the patented heat exchange engine to the custom circuit board driving your fermentation, every piece of Immersion and Immersion Pro were precision engineered specifically for low volume craft beer.

We designed BrewJacket Immersion to be future proof. All original cooling-only Immersions are upgradable to the Immersion Pro dual heating / cooling with a new control board. This means that all the latest functionality can be added to Immersion without the hassle of replacing your entire system.

BrewJacket Upgradable Control Board

Tech Specs



Head Unit 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″
Rod 1.5″ diameter x 18″ long
Jacket 15″ internal diameter x 22″ high


Head Unit 2.5lbs
Rod 3.2lbs
Jacket 4.5lbs

Power Consumption

Idle 8w
Cooling 95w

Cooling Speed

0-10º Below Ambient 1º/hr
10-20º Below Ambient 0.5º/hr
20-35º Below Ambient 0.25º/hr

Pre-Order Your Brewjacket Today!


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