Here you will find some great ‘How-to’, reference, and recipe books on home brewing, wine making, mead and cider.  From the beginner to the most advanced brewer, these books will help you make great beer and also expand your knowledge to take you to the next level of craft brewing.  One can never have too much knowledge and ones’ bookshelves can never be too full!
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This is an amazing book for the beginning home brewer.  With this book, you will be able to make great craft beer easily. This is the First book I recommend you get if just starting out.

Dave Miller’s Homebrewing Guide is the book I’ve read and referenced more than any other brew book when I started and still do today. This is a MUST HAVE book if you want to become a great home brewer in a short amount of time.

This is the first book I ever read on home brewing…the one that got me into this great hobby in 2004.  Considered to be the bible of home brewing, this new updated version will go through every detail of brewing great beer.  This is a must have!

IPA: Brewing Techniques, Recipes and the Evolution of India Pale Ales is probably the most authoritative and comprehensive book on IPA’s. If you’re like me and love a great IPA, you need to have this book in your personal brewing library.

The First book I used to learn how to design great beers. This book is packed with great information for anyone that wants to learn more about what it takes to design great craft beer recipes.

Brewing is easy but the entire process of making that great effervescent drink we all love is very complex. Many people want to know more about why the flavors and off flavors turn up in their beers, or why water and heat does what it does to the malts. How does yeast turn sugar into alcohol? Brew Chem 101 is the best book to learn about the chemistry behind brewing without ever having to know chemistry and most certainly not needing a Ph.D. This book will have you making better beers and know why you are having problems with the beers you make.

If you’re an advanced brewer or want a more in depth study of beer chemistry then you will want to graduate to the Chemistry of Beer: the science in the suds. This is a much larger and more technical book and will have you understanding beer inside and out. One of my favorite technical books on beer chemistry.

The first book published in the ‘Brewing Elements’ series, Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation is a resource for brewers of all experience levels. The authors adeptly cover yeast selection, storage and handling of yeast cultures, how to culture yeast and the art of rinsing/washing yeast cultures. Fermentation may arguably be the most critical and important step in the brewing process. This book will make your fermentation process much easier and allow for better beer.

Who doesn’t love at least some hops in their beer right? Come on now, a purely malt beverage can be ok but lets lively up our brews. Whether you prefer more aroma and flavor, or highly bitter beer, it’s a great idea to have some extensive knowledge on this subject. Second in the ‘Brewing Elements’ series, Stan Hieronymus expertly explains the nature of hops, their origins, hop quality and utilization–and even devotes an entire chapter to dry hopping. For the Love of Hops also includes a reference catalog of more than 100 varieties and their characteristics. There surely is an empty spot on your book shelve for this…or maybe on the nightstand by the bed.

Water is arguably the most critical and least understood of the foundation elements in brewing beer. Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers, third in the ‘Brewing Elements’ series, takes the mystery out of water’s role in the brewing process. John Palmer is a legend in the homebrew and craft brew market and has done an amazing job with this book. All brewers at every level need to understand at least the basics of their water and this book will allow them to grasp and utilize that knowledge.

Malt: is the fourth book in the ‘Brewing Elements’ series of beer making books. This is one of the finest books written for brewers of any level who want to learn about malts for beer brewing or distilling…with particular interest in barley. The ‘Brewing Elements’ series of books is a must for any serious craft brewer, micro/nano brewer, and home brewer.


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