Chillisquaque Homebrewers Association

Home brewing can be one of the most rewarding hobbies a person can be a part of.  The Chillisquaque Homebrewers Association is being developed to give the fine folks from Pennsylvania a club registered with the AHA where they can become a member and enter into home brew competitions and also come to meetings to talk beer, learn new techniques and try other fine home brewers beers.  The CHA is not just for Pennsylvania residents though but, for anyone that wants to be part of a homebrew club but may not have one in their area.  You don’t have to come to meetings to be a part of the CHA and anyone who is in need of a club to enter into competition is welcome to join and register themselves under the CHA.  We do highly recommend you come to meetings since there is a great amount of educational and rewarding benefits by doing so.  Keep this page as a favorite so you can quickly come back and check on updates.


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